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FIS strives to provide our customers with the hightest lever of service possible. We value your opinion. Satisfied customers are our goal. Thank you for your time and business, all of us at Foothill Inegrated Systems appreciate you!

"There is nothing better than going through a complex process of creating distribuited audio and video (and lighting) throughout a house and having it all just work. Working with Tom was a terrific experience becuase he a no BS kind of

guy. He's done his research, stays on top of the latest trends and in our case really stayed true to our budget needs. We went with Foothill because they are independent so they are under zero pressure to sell products based on any corporate demand. Instead, the first thing Tom said in our initial interiview was, "Let's not build a big bloated system for you and instead just get you what you realy need." Total pleasure working with Tom on our house - we are using a combination

of Control4, AppleTV, Sonos, Sonacne, and Lutron lighting. Highly recommend."  - Steve R. | Seattle, WA

"Loved working with Tom at Foothill Integrated Sytems. I finally have the entertainment and surround sound AV system I've dreamed of having throughout my home  and ouitdoor space/ People are blown away! Tom was not only professional, on time and within budget, but very concientious of my needs and worked to make sure I got the fairest price. I highly recommend workinig with Foothill Integrated Sysrtwems for your AV entertainment and stereo needs."

- Vivian R. | Pasadena, CA

"Tom and crew installed our 46'TV (wall installation), set up the remotes, and all other components (DVD player etc.).

He also advised us on the best products to purchase for our needs. His crew was friendly and professionalm and left our living room nice and clean after the install which requred some drilling and etc, so that the wires wouildnt be exposed.

Tom has also advised us over the years on the newest sound systems. We've always taken and been satisfied with his advice. Professional, prompt, honest, friendly - Foothill Integrated Sustems is an all arou d grest local business that can advise you on your in-home entertain,ment systems regardless of your budget." Kimberly C. | Altadena, CA

"Foothill Integrated Systems is a gret company to deal with. I highly recommend them. The owner makes you feel special no matter the size of the project. I have used them for both Business and Home needs. For our business needs, FIS rewired our 28K sqft manufactruing building with CAT6 and fiber optic cable. They worked around our schedule so that our production was not impacted. For my home needs they installed and programmed Control4 so that I could control lighting, music and video. Both projects were completed on time and with a high level of quality. I cannot thank them enough for making things easier for me. I will conrtinue to use them for future needs." - PI Fabrication | Ontario, CA

"Tom has helped us on numerous occasions and has been a life-saver! He even came over to fix our Sonos and install new speakers hours before we were hosting a huge party. LOVE Foothill Integrated Systems!!! - Maryanne H. | Pasadena, CA

"I have used FIS the last couple of years for home automation. They have always delivered quality service.

Good work done in a timely manner." - Fred G. | Pasadena, CA

"Great service. Equipment is great and warranty and support is whenever you need it." - Stephen S. | Pasadena, CA

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